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Multifunctional Corner Sink Basket

Multifunctional Corner Sink Basket

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Make a full use of the space of the sink
or wall! Save space, avoid bacteria & keep
the kitchen well-organized and clean.

Make your sink area more streamlined & efficient.
This fits neatly most sinks & any corner without
occupying extra space inside the sink.

The basket is made of high quality PP material,
very lightweight, durable & much thicker and stronger.

Numerous venting holes at the bottom of the basket
help draining water quickly & maximize airflow to help
sponges dry quickly minimizing bacteria growth.


Food Sink Basket
Safe to use. A good for fruits & vegetables in a good basket.

Kitchen Sink Basket
To save more space for the kitchen, you can facilitate
the placement of dishwashing sponges, cleaning balls, soap, etc.

Sink Garbage Basket
The sink basket can store debris so as not to clog sewers.



Material : PP
Color : Gray
Size : 26 L x 14.2 W x 10 H
Colors: Ivory, Blue, Grey


    1 x Multifunctional Corner Sink Basket